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Χαριτίδης Ματθαίος
Dear Friends

My name is Matthaios Haritidis and I would like to welcome you at our company’s site. I am the owner of TransCombi Express Salonica and I would like to share a few thoughts of mine regarding our work.

TransCombi Express Salonica Ltd for 22 years is expanding her possibilities, always for the clients’ best. Due to our employees’ hard work, our company is considered to be one of the most credible transport companies. Our daily struggle is to offer good and flexible services to all customers, with respect to their needs.

We are located in Thessaloniki, the capital of northern Greece and, allow me to say, the entrance gate of Europe. Our city’s important geographical location gives us the great advantage of connecting the world. Our facilities, which are at Kalohori, near the port and the main highways of the country (Thessaloniki-Athens, Egnatia Road to Igoumenitsa), have all the necessary qualifications of becoming the distribution center for all Greece, Balkans and Europe and you may be relieved that you have found the proper partner for your demands. Logistics, transit cargoes, door to door deliveries, domestic and international transports are our daily job and we are able to combine them according to your desire.

The trust and the satisfaction of our clients who rely on us for so many years now, are the best price we can get.

Thank you for reading these few words. My promise to you can be that we will never stop working with high standards, humility and of course strong sense of responsibility.

Matthaios A. Haritidis
March 2015

Company Facilities News / Media Career Contact Us
The TransCombi Express Salonica LTD continuing a successful journey in the field of logistics services and transport entered in June 2014 and in the field of courier founding the Comvos Express Ltd., aiming to market imperatives.
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