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TransCombi Express Salonica provides modern facilities and establishments, fully organized with hydraulics ramps, latest technology means and equipped with security systems of surveillance inside and outside the warehouses. At Kalohori 3 warehouses of 10.500 sp.m. are in function with the below characteristics: 
  • 3.500 pallet posts/ Storage Shelves
  • Electric forklifts
  • 14 mechanical hydraulic ramps for loading/ unloading
  • 2500 sp.m. for open space
  • 24h/7 surveillance with cctv
The warehouses of the Group at Tavros Athens, Aspropirgos, Inofita Attica, Mainnheim Germany and of all our correspondents in Greece and abroad offer secure and flexible solutions of transshipments and good storage.
Company Facilities News / Media Career Contact Us
The TransCombi Express Salonica LTD continuing a successful journey in the field of logistics services and transport entered in June 2014 and in the field of courier founding the Comvos Express Ltd., aiming to market imperatives.
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